woman wearing a mask wiping down a public bathroom sink

4 Essential Commercial Restroom Cleaning Procedures

The bathrooms in a commercial facility takes up only around 5% of the space but contains 20% of the dirt and also accounts for the largest amount of complaints related to a building’s overall cleanliness. If you want to ensure that your bathrooms do not leave guests or employees complaining and ensure they are a good representation of your company, then prioritizing their upkeep is a must.

Tools, Equipment & Materials You Need

Before looking at the procedure and checklist related to cleaning a commercial bathroom, it’s helpful to gather all the materials and equipment you will need for the job. For example, ensure you have all the following:

Safety Preparation

This includes wet floor signs and other indicators that cleaning is in process or has just taken place. You want to make sure that you have all this ready to prevent a potential slip and fall accident.


You want to make sure you have all the tools you will need to do the job including paper towels, or rags, mops, cleaning solutions, broom, cleaning bucket, glass cleaner, squeegee, toilet bowl brush, etc.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Procedures & Checklist

Now that you have your equipment and signage gathered, it’s time to look at the procedure list and checklist for the job. This job of regular cleaning should be performed at least once a day but might need to be completed more often if a need arises:

woman spraying cleaner into a rag to clean a restroom

Protect Yourself

Make sure that you are protected against germs by wearing protective gear like gloves and a mask.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

Your pre-cleaning routine should include removing decorations, stacks of paper towels, soap bottles, or anything from the counters or walls that might get in the way of cleaning.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Surfaces

Wipe the surfaces of the counter top area and disinfect the faucets,light switches, and more.

Apply a Bowl Treatment

Before moving on to the next step, apply a toilet bowl treatment that can be working while you move on to other tasks. You will circle back around and clean the actual toilet bowls themselves after the cleaner has had time to set in.

Wash Walls & Stalls

The next step is to clean the walls, stalls, and the outsides and surface of the toilets.

Wipe Mirrors & Other Glass Areas

After cleaning the toilets, stalls and walls, it’s time to clean the glass and any other areas of the room you haven’t addressed (not counting the floors).

Dispenser Refilling and Trash Management

Take time to refill the soap, paper towels, and replace all the trash liners, removing the accumulated trash.

Restock Toilet Paper

This all-important step cannot be skipped! Make sure that you restock toilet paper in all stalls and ensure there is extra in dispensers.


To finish the bathroom off and create a clean environment, take time to mop the floors. This creates the finished look and ensures a sanitary environment. Make sure to display all the applicable signage after this step as failing to do so could lead to an accident.

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