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A Complete Guide to Janitorial Services

No matter the environment, whether it’s a public place like an educational facility, retirement complex, another type of property, or an office building, keeping it clean and tidy goes a long way not only in making the space look better but also in keeping employees and guests healthier. Conversely, a cluttered, dirty environment can lead to poor efficiency and even impact the morale of those who work or reside within the spaces. Therefore, if you find yourself struggling to maintain a high level of organization and cleanliness within a space, it might be time to consider janitorial services.

What Are Janitorial Services?

To put it simply, janitorial services are a type of cleaning service specifically designed for corporate settings. This can include factories, medical offices, business offices, educational facilities, retirement communities, and more. Of course, the scope of this service will vary based on the needs of each facility and the specific areas of concern for that location. In many instances, janitorial services can be tailored somewhat to a location, although they will likely include some standard services while allowing for unique preferences that are important to each type of facility. Most janitorial services include the following standard services:

  • Deodorizing and cleaning toilets.
  • Overseeing garbage disposal in an office.
  • Cleaning and removing trash.
  • Vacuuming floors, rugs, and carpets.
  • Dusting and mopping furniture, workstations, and electronic equipment.
  • Changing light bulbs.
  • Cleaning mirrors, kitchen areas, windows, and cafeteria shelves.

Benefits of Janitorial Services

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There are many benefits that janitorial services offer businesses, as you might assume. The following are some of the most applicable benefits for today’s businesses:

  • Appearance: The first benefit of janitorial services is the fact that it keeps your office space looking clean. This creates a good first impression for customers and benefits employees as well.
  • Employee Retention: Keeping good employees can be difficult in today’s competitive marketplace, so any service you can provide that helps create a better working environment for employees is wise. Thankfully, by maintaining a clean, sanitary working environment, you can reduce instances of employee sickness and also showcase the fact that you value your employees by keeping their facilities clean.
  • Increased Productivity: Something as simple as dusting or taking out the trash for employees might not seem that significant, but by reducing the number of responsibilities they have to cover through janitorial services that keep their workspaces neat and tidy, you can ensure that your employees are more productive as they can focus on work, not cleaning up.

Difference Between Janitorial Services and Standard Cleaning

Janitorial services are regular cleanings that can range from once-weekly services to two or three cleanings weekly, based on a business’s needs and its overall size. However, standard commercial cleaning is a deeper cleaning service that is often performed only a few times a year. It involves deep cleaning tasks such as pressure washing the exterior, removing stains from grout or tile, deep cleaning carpets, deep cleaning upholstery, and more. Therefore, janitorial services are regular appointments designed to maintain the cleanliness of a business, while standard commercial cleaning is a deeper cleaning that isn’t often needed on a weekly basis.

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