Project Based Cleaning

What is Project Based Cleaning?

At its core, Project-Based Cleaning is about precision and adaptability. It’s the strategic deep cleaning of a facility, stepping beyond the bounds of routine maintenance. When a space demands more than the regular touch, Oracle steps in with a dedicated team armed with specialized expertise.

Versatility for Unique Needs

Oracle’s Project-Based Cleaning isn’t bound by a rigid structure; it’s designed to adapt to the diverse needs of businesses. Whether it’s prepping for a grand event, transitioning into a new workspace, or tackling post-construction aftermath, this service is a chameleon, seamlessly integrating with the unique situations businesses face.

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When Does Your Business Need Project-Based Cleaning?

Event Readiness: Before a significant event, Project-Based Cleaning ensures your space is impeccably clean and leaving a positive impression on guests or clients. 

Transitioning Spaces: Moving into a new building? Oracle’s cleaning service ensures a fresh start, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your team. 

Specialized Challenges: Post-construction cleanup, maintaining high-traffic areas – Project-Based Cleaning excels in addressing specialized challenges that regular cleaning may not cover. 

Testing Ground for Services: For businesses contemplating regular cleaning services, this becomes a testing ground. Experience the efficiency and professionalism of Oracle’s team before committing. 


Comprehensive of Project Based Cleaning

  1. Disinfecting/ Green Cleaning: Prioritize health and sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly products and advanced cleaning methods to create a safe and environmentally responsible environment. Elevate your space with green disinfecting solutions. 
  2. Post-Construction Cleaning: We specialize in efficiently removing construction debris and dust to ensure your environment is ready for the next step of renovation. 
  3. Carpet Cleaning: Revitalize your space with Carpet Cleaning services. We go beyond surface level cleanliness. Our advanced methods not only refresh carpets but also help maintain their longevity. 
  4. Pressure Washing: Make a lasting impression with our Pressure Washing services. This service is ideal for exterior surfaces that need dirt, grime, and stain removal. 
  5. Floor Stripping: Prioritize safety and aesthetics with our Floor Stripping services. Tailored for educational, industrial, or commercial spaces, our methods enhance the appearance of your floors while also creating a clean and safer environment. 

Get in Touch

Experience the power of electrostatic disinfection – a modern solution for comprehensive surface coverage, time efficiency, enhanced disinfection, reduced chemical usage, and versatile application. We look forward to assisting you in creating a hygienic and healthy environment for your workplace, educational facility, retirement home, or healthcare establishment. Get in touch with Oracle Cleaning Services today and take the first step toward a cleaner future.

Our Happy Clients!

KTS Leaves

Office Cleaning in Aurora, IL


“We had an excellent experience working with Abel and his team. While we clean our office daily, we hired Oracle Cleaning Solutions to disinfect the office twice a month. The communication and services provided were top-notch! I would definitely recommend them and contract their services again. Thank you!”

Jason Diebold

West Chicago, IL


“Abel and Oracle Cleaning Solutions are great. I am the Facilities Manager at a Data Center in West Chicago, IL. I use them for our cleaning services once a week. Oracle goes above and beyond what is expected of them. They have cleaned stains in carpet, refinished floors, etc. — Things that we just arrived the next morning, and they were done. Things that we never mentioned, or even expected to be cleaned. They just went above and beyond. I recommend Oracle to ANYBODY looking fro Cleaning Services”

Kathryn Kurinsky

Office Cleaning in West Chicago, IL


“Our office and production facility needed to be cleaned and disinfected in a short amount of time. Abel from Oracle was able to change his team’s schedule around to accommodate our needs, coming in overnight, and he exceeded our expectations! They are easy to work with, respond quickly and are very professional. I give them my highest recommendation.”