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How To Clean Warehouse Flooring: 3 Effective Methods 

Importance of Warehouse Floor Cleaning

A workplace is more efficient and overall happier when it’s a clean space. This is just as true in warehouses as it is in an office environment, perhaps even more so. Cluttered walkways can slow down production or make it overcomplicated, it also creates a poor first impression on potential investors and/or customers. In reality, slips, falls and all sorts of accidents can often be avoided if debris is removed promptly from the surface of the floor. It is also important to keep the working environment clean in order to cut down on the spread of colds and flu, which can increase employee absenteeism. This is a huge problem within warehouses and should be avoided if possible.

Methods to Cleaning Warehouse Floors

Keeping your warehouse floor clean is important not only for the health and safety of your employees, but also for the overall production levels. The following are the three main methods for how to clean the warehouse floor you should know about that will help keep debris off your floors and reduce the risk of spills, accidents and falls throughout your workplace. Of course, it is wise to procure the help of a professional cleaning service like Oracle Cleaning Solutions to handle this and allow you and your employees to focus on other matters.


Before deep cleaning, the first step to cleaning the floor is to remove loose dirt, soil and debris. When it comes to warehouse environments, this is often in the form of dry particulate soils. Not only can this make the floors look dirty, which is unpleasant to the eye, but it can also harm the surface of the floors as well if allowed to remain. It’s also important to prevent damage to the power scrubbing machines that follow this step up by ensuring that loose dirt and particles are removed.

Power Scrubbing

This next step deep cleans whatever remains on the floors. This is an important step of removing all the unwanted grime and dirt before finishing off the floors and creating a newly cleaned surface.

Floor Polishing & Sealing

The final step of the warehouse floor cleaning process is polishing and sealing the floors. This will prepare them for use and even prevent some forms of additional damage or at least reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Tips for Maintaining Clean Warehouse Floors

In general, it’s a good idea to maintain your warehouse floors regularly and not wait until they are in terrible shape to address the issue. Oracle Cleaning Solutions offers regular floor cleaning as part of their commercial cleaning services. This can help prevent a huge build up of grime and dirt, with regular sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and more either on a daily, nightly or weekly basis. However, it still addresses the need for deep cleaning to get into every spot of the floor, though this is not an everyday service.

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While you could task your employees with keeping their workspace, including the floors, clean, this only adds to their responsibilities and takes them away from their production ability. Therefore, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like Oracle Cleaning Solutions will ensure that your warehouse space is kept clean, sanitary, and uncluttered for optional employee satisfaction and increased production. Contact us today at Oracle Cleaning Solutions to learn more and get a quote for your individual needs and on your preferred schedule.