Commercial Floor Cleaning & Waxing

Every floor in every business needs constant maintenance. Commercial floor cleaning, commercial floor stripping, and commercial floor waxing from Oracle Cleaning Solutions won’t just keep your floor beautiful. Oracle Cleaning Solutions can extend the life of high-traffic floors and reduce time out of service for maintenance and repair.

How Our Service Works

At Oracle Cleaning Solutions, we recognize that every floor is unique. Different floors have different traffic patterns. They will need more attention in some areas, and less in others.

We always start by testing our products on a small area of your floor to determine which of our products works best for floor cleaning and waxing.

Oracle Cleaning Solutions always aims to give your floor the perfect finish. We are available to do what is needed to keep all of your floors—tile, vinyl, composite, wood, or carpet—clean, attractive, and sanitary. We wax floors for a lasting finish. You won’t need us to come out to wax your floors all the time!

Floor Cleaning Services We Offer

Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of commercial floors can often pose a significant challenge. Your regular staff may be reluctant to take on floor maintenance tasks when your janitorial team is unavailable, and your maintenance personnel likely have more critical responsibilities.

Oracle Cleaning Solutions specializes in keeping your commercial floors in pristine condition. We ensure that your flooring surfaces are spotless, maintaining a polished and professional look throughout your establishment. Our services encompass a comprehensive approach to floor maintenance, including:

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General Cleaning

Oracle Cleaning Solutions can take over the tasks of daily general cleaning to free your regular maintenance staff to spend their time doing what they do best.

Oracle Cleaning Solutions provides standard janitorial services. We can vacuum, sweep, mop, and sanitize your floors every week. Or every night. Or as often as you need us. We strive to respond to calls for service in 30 minutes or less!

We can help you fight germs while you make sure your premises always look clean and professional. And we can also provide regular maintenance services that make your floors last.

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Here’s something maintenance and risk management professionals know about waxing floors:

Regular stripping, waxing, and sealing keeps floors safer.

There will be fewer slips, trips, and falls on floors that you have waxed at least twice a year. But professional floor care isn’t just adding a fresh layer of wax on the wax laid down on the last maintenance visit.


Every time you have your floors waxed, you need to have them stripped first.

Stripping old wax off your floors removes the top layer of your floor’s finish. It removes stains and dull spots that reduce the luster of your floor. But it also removes irregularities in the depth of the finish of your floor that can stick to shoes or cart wheels, or cause visitors or employees to take a fall.

At Oracle Cleaning Solutions, we know just how much of the surface of your floors to strip away to keep them beautiful and safe.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets helps them last longer. We remove the dirt, grime, sand, and grit that can wear down the fibers of your carpet that are constantly underfoot.

Electrostatic deep cleaning kills the bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses that can linger in your carpets long-term. We keep your carpets cleaner so your employees stay healthier and on the job.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Services

At Oracle Cleaning Solutions, we have had experiences working at bigger cleaning companies that are primarily concerned about their bottom line. We started a small cleaning service so we could take a different approach to our work.

We do care about our bottom line, of course, but we prefer to work in ways that allow us to care about our customers. We treat our customers with care and our employees with respect.

Facilities That Benefit From Floor Cleaning

Whether we are cleaning your office, cleaning your school, or cleaning your industrial facility, we strive to offer excellent, ethical service. We don’t require long-term contracts, and we return service calls in 30 minutes or less during daytime business hours, satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us about our services or call us at (630) 692-9477.

Our Happy Clients!

KTS Leaves

Office Cleaning in Aurora, IL


“We had an excellent experience working with Abel and his team. While we clean our office daily, we hired Oracle Cleaning Solutions to disinfect the office twice a month. The communication and services provided were top-notch! I would definitely recommend them and contract their services again. Thank you!”

Jason Diebold

West Chicago, IL


“Abel and Oracle Cleaning Solutions are great. I am the Facilities Manager at a Data Center in West Chicago, IL. I use them for our cleaning services once a week. Oracle goes above and beyond what is expected of them. They have cleaned stains in carpet, refinished floors, etc. — Things that we just arrived the next morning, and they were done. Things that we never mentioned, or even expected to be cleaned. They just went above and beyond. I recommend Oracle to ANYBODY looking fro Cleaning Services”

Kathryn Kurinsky

Office Cleaning in West Chicago, IL


“Our office and production facility needed to be cleaned and disinfected in a short amount of time. Abel from Oracle was able to change his team’s schedule around to accommodate our needs, coming in overnight, and he exceeded our expectations! They are easy to work with, respond quickly and are very professional. I give them my highest recommendation.”