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Customized Industrial Cleaning

Do you know the #1 reason you need customized industrial cleaning from Oracle? Oracle Industrial Cleaning Services keeps your workers healthy.

It’s easy to forget that cleaning agents that melt grease and grime and kill germs are inherently toxic. A study conducted by four scientists with the School of Nursing at the University of California at San Francisco found that 56.3 percent of maintenance staff who work with solvents, carpet cleaners, bleach, and/or ammonia suffered skin and eye irritation severe enough to lose time from work every year. Nearly a third of industrial cleaning workers suffer serious chemical contact every week.

Even conscientious, dedicated cleaning workers usually just don’t know how to use any kind of protective gear other than masks and gloves. The cleaning crew from Oracle Industrial Cleaning is ready to do the job safely, preventing time lost from work and worker comp claims by your own staff.

industrial cleaning services

Types of Industrial Facilities We Clean

When you let Oracle Industrial Cleaning take over your shop floor cleaning, your production floor cleaning, and your warehouse cleaning, your workers are free to focus on their primary responsibilities. Nobody has to clean up a spill. Your managers will never have to spend half a morning tracking down paper towels, hand sanitizer, and T.P. for your restrooms.

Warehouse - industrial cleaning services, warehouse cleaning, manufacturing cleaning services
Manufacturing facility - industrial cleaning services, warehouse cleaning, manufacturing cleaning services


Do you know the #1 challenge in managing labor expenses in your warehouse? It’s absenteeism! Keeping the workplace clean and hygienic can help reduce worker absences for colds and flu, which in turn can save you money.

Manufacturing Facilities

There is a principle of cost accounting that they don’t teach you in class but every industrial manager knows. You don’t get to direct-bill cleanup time. You don’t want to shell out money for cleanup done by workers assigned to other tasks either.

Distribution Facilities

Industrial cleaning services free the entire workforce in your distribution facilities to focus on filling orders on time. They will feel more enthusiastic and more energetic working in a clean, inviting environment.

Quality Control

We’ll let you in on a little secret about industrial cleaning services. We all do quality control. (Well, almost all of us do.) However, only the best industrial cleaning services can explain how their quality control impacts your cost control.

Keeping your workplace clean can tie up needed capital and add unnecessary overhead expenses.

A squeegee for cleaning your windows can cost $300. A mop bucket on wheels can cost $1300. And how about $18,000 for a ride-on floor scrubber?

Paper goods and cleaners are always going up. You have to pay someone to order and receive them and keep track of them in inventory, and if your cleaning staff does trash collection, you can wind up paying the equivalent of more than 10 percent of their wages just for worker’s comp.

Oracle Industrial Cleaning takes care of the capital investment in the equipment needed to keep your business clean. We order your cleaning agents and paper goods.The skilled technicians who keep your premises spotless are on our payroll, not yours.

Clean workplaces are productive workplaces. Clean workplaces are energy-efficient workplaces. Letting Oracle Cleaning Services take over your industrial cleaning is profitable and hassle-free.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Oracle Cleaning is a leading vendor for industrial cleaning services, warehouse cleaning services, and manufacturing cleaning services throughout suburban Chicagoland. In addition to our commercial cleaning services, we provide electrostatic disinfection and cleaning services for move-in and move-out. Request a quote online, or call us today at (630) 692-9477.

Our Happy Clients!

KTS Leaves

Office Cleaning in Aurora, IL


“We had an excellent experience working with Abel and his team. While we clean our office daily, we hired Oracle Cleaning Solutions to disinfect the office twice a month. The communication and services provided were top-notch! I would definitely recommend them and contract their services again. Thank you!”

Sandi Radtke

Aurora, IL


“What a top-notch professional service to use for residential moving. I used Oracle to do a deep clean after moving out of my home in Aurora. They were amazing, We moved out of town and they sent us pictures of their work to assure us of their work before our closing. Our realtor was so impressed. If you want peace of mind, call Oracle!!!”

Eric S

Floor Cleaning in Downers Grove, IL


“Hired Oracle for a commercial floor clean and seal and Abel was great to work with. Answered every question for a newbie who didn’t know what exactly he needed, gave details on how to maintain the floors moving forward, and they did a great job. Would definitely recommend.”