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What is Industrial Cleaning and Does My Business Need It?

Industrial cleaning services are a specific type of cleaning service that helps your business maintain a clean and safe working environment. This is important as owning and operating a successful business requires the existence of a clean and sanitary working environment, free of illnesses and germs. Today, we will cover more details on this type of cleaning service, why it might be right for your company, and learn the answer to what is industrial cleaning?  

Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning services like we offer at Oracle Cleaning Solutions include a variety of specific services. The following is a generalized breakdown of the types of services:

Industrial Machinery Cleaning: One of the most common uses of industrial cleaning services is to clean industrial machinery that naturally builds dust and dirt through use. This dirt can cause machinery to work less efficiently and can eventually lead to complete mechanical failure, which can be costly.

Floor Care: Another commonly needed service is floor care, such as cleaning and polishing, often necessary in factory floors to remove stains or spills. This can be especially helpful in educational facilities or other similar types of businesses that experience regular spills and stains during regular operations.

Industrial Vacuuming: Industrial cleaning provides a deeper vacuuming clean than any standard or store-bought unit possibly could. These high-powered vacuums are able to remove dust, dirt and other types of debris from surfaces and floors, getting your working environment in optimal condition.

Industrial Accident Cleaning: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, there will be accidents in the industrial field that cause normal operations of your business to grind to a halt. Thankfully, this type of cleaning is available and can even take care of biohazard level spills along with restoration services. This will allow you to get your business back in operation as quickly as possible after an incident.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning: You can also expect services designed to clean industrial equipment like production lines, factory floors and conveyor belts. Equipment like this often becomes dirty, greasy or grimy from use, and industrial cleaning is one way to restore your working environment to a clean, ready-to-use

Cleaning Services: Last, but certainly not least, industrial cleaning services can also include janitorial services including cleaning, post construction cleaning, pressure washing, floor stripping, carpet cleaning and disinfecting or green cleaning.

Benefits of Industrial Cleaning for Business

There are many benefits of industrial cleaning for your business. The following are the few most applicable reasons:

It Improves the Facility’s Appearance: No matter what type of work you do, industrial cleaning will create a clean, sanitary environment you will be happy to show guests, customers, potential employees or investors. A messy grimy environment is less than inviting and can turn away some profitable prospects to say nothing of slowing down the progress of employees.

Safety: Another important benefit of industrial cleaning is the safety aspect. A dirty office, factory or building becomes a prime location for bacteria growth, which will increase the risk of sickness for all who work within or visit.

Protects Assets: Machinery and equipment can be immensely expensive to replace if it breaks down, and it being dirty and unmaintained will increase the chances of this happening. Therefore, to protect your assets, opt for an industrial cleaning service. 

Industries That Benefit From Industrial Cleaning

While many industries can benefit from cleaning services, the types of industries that should consider commercial cleaning services include but are not limited to educational facilities, office buildings, industrial facilities and retirement communities. All of these industries require a safe, sanitary environment to operate properly on a daily basis.

Things to Consider When Choosing Industrial Cleaning Services

When looking for the right industrial cleaning service business to partner with, after answering the question of what is industrial cleaning and realizing you would benefit from this service, consider their reputation in the field. Oracle Cleaning Solutions is certified by the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA), along with having a Certificate from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence which qualifies them to use electrostatic spraying. Therefore, when considering reputation, qualifications and certifications, Oracle Cleaning Solutions certainly stands above the rest.

Oracle Cleaning Solutions is Here to Help

Oracle Cleaning Solutions deliver high quality cleaning every visit or the service is free. They are here to help you get back to work and your business operating at an optimal level. Contact us today to learn more.