What is Commercial Cleaning, and Why is it Important?

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When answering the question, what is commercial cleaning, you might assume this service describes any type of cleaning services. However, commercial cleaning is a specific type of cleaning service designed to address the needs of commercial or industrial spaces like factories, retail stores, retirement facilities, warehouses, offices and educational buildings. This type of cleaning solution is most applicable for areas with a great deal of foot traffic or for facilities or businesses where cleanliness as well as maintaining clean machinery and equipment is particularly important. 

Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a step above residential cleaning. It is the commercialized version of a residential cleaning service but will include additional services such as janitorial services, trash removal, office cleaning, floor stipping and waxing, day porter services, interior window cleaning, restroom cleaning, lunchroom cleaning, and even post construction clean-up. Commercial cleaning is also a great way to maintain apartments or other real estate for property management services. Of course, with residential, the cleaning visit from a housekeeper would likely be far less exhaustive and likely only include a cursory clean. 

Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

There are many benefits of commercial cleaning services. However, the most often noted reasons you might consider commercial cleaning are listed below: 

Time: We all know that time is money and when you are running a business, taking the time to add cleaning to your list of to-do items can get overwhelming. Employees might not have the free time either to devote to it, making a service an important time saver from your company.

Reliability: Unlike someone who comes in knowing nothing about how to properly clean equipment, carpet, windows, etc. a good commercial cleaning service will employ trained cleaners or specialists who understand the importance of a quality clean. They are also reliable and show up when they are scheduled. 

Cleaning Items: Another benefit of hiring in a commercial cleaning service is the fact that they will bring along their own machines, cleaning supplies, and the like. This will ensure they can deep clean the carpet, reach those high windows, or get the floors extra shiny. 

Enhances Your Business: Commercial cleaning services will help you create a sanitary, safe, and overall appealing environment for yourself, your employees, and guests or customers. 

Duties and Role of a Commercial Cleaning Specialist

A commercial cleaner specialist is an expert employed by a commercial cleaning company to clean your commercial space. There are a variety of tasks they can perform based on the needs of a particular business. They are expected to be timely and work in a professional manner all while maintaining an efficient schedule while giving a thorough clean. 

What Services are Provided in Commercial Cleaning?

Services will depend on what a business needs an example of some daily commercial cleaning tasks could include the following: 

  • Mopping hard floors and disinfecting them
  • Emptying trash cans or waste bins and replacing the liners
  • Dusting surfaces like chairs, tables, desks, and other furniture
  • Vacuuming carpets, mats, and other floors
  • Spot clean walls to remove stains off painted walls and surfaces
  • Remove marks or fingerprints from the light switches and door frames
  • Polish brass or clean cabinet doors
  • Polish mirrors
  • Clean stairs and elevators
  • Clean glass doors inside and out, even automatic
  • Sanitize toilets, bathroom areas and sinks

The types of services that might be less frequent and only be performed perhaps weekly or monthly include: 

  • Deep cleaning the carpet floors.
  • Buff hard floors.
  • Vacuum vents and chairs.
  • Clean outside and inside glass with a squeegee. 

Of course, each business will have to determine exactly what services they would benefit from the most, so answering the question of what is commercial cleaning will include a variety of services for different businesses. However, the above are some great examples of standard tasks that make up a regular commercial cleaning service. Contact us at Oracle Cleaning Solutions for commercial cleaning services you can rely on for your business.