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Nursing Home Carpet Care Best Practices

Throughout America, there are 15,600 nursing homes based on estimations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics. This means that countless nursing home managers, residents and residents’ family members and friends have a vested interest in floor coverings and their cleanliness standards.

Reasons to Clean Nursing Home Carpets

The following are just a few of the many reasons that deep cleaning nursing home carpets is advantageous to residents, guests and management alike. Oracle Cleaning Services provide this type of deep cleaning service to ensure that carpets in retirement and nursing home facilities are kept in pristine condition:

Senior Safety 

Senior safety is of paramount importance when it comes to them staying in a nursing home. Millions of seniors suffer falls and injuries as a result of such an incident. Thankfully, clean carpets can actually help reduce the risk of injury and overall fall risk. This is because dirty carpets will compress and harden, leading to a much tougher surface. Clean carpets can provide more cushioning and can prevent falls in the first place by not being worn or torn.

Air Quality Improvement 

Although carpets have many benefits overall especially in a residential environment like a nursing home, they can negatively impact air quality indoors if they are not kept clean. In essence, dirty carpet can be full of debris and allergens. Thankfully, cleaning carpets regularly will ensure that those allergens are removed. This can help prevent the more than 12% of hospitalizations that happen as a result of lower respiratory issues like COPD and pneumonia-related health issues according to Hanys.


Clean carpets also offer a more pleasant presentation for residents and guests alike. It is unappealing to see stains either of food or other substance on carpets. At any rate, keeping the carpets clean through deep cleaning services and regular cleanings can ensure that carpets properly reflect a facility’s commitment to quality care.

How to Clean Nursing Home Carpets

Oracle Cleaning Solutions features some proven commercial techniques for nursing home carpet cleaning in high-traffic carpets like those in such a facility, the following is a brief breakdown of why it works so well:

Low Moisture Encapsulation Process 

This proven and trusted cleaning technique begins with low moisture encapsulation. This process includes applying a detergent component and crystallization polymers. Then agitation is applied to capture inground particles that might be missed by regular vacuuming.

Choosing the Right Solvents and Scents

The right solvents and scents should be utilized to create a clean surface without having a smell that is overwhelming to sensitive residents. Thankfully, the professionals at Oracle can create the perfect mixture for a variety of facilities and their desired outcome.

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Drying Time

This innovative cleaning process allows carpets to be ready to use again within 30 minutes. This is a vast improvement as this process cleans using much less water than traditional deep cleaning methods.

How Often Should You Clean?

A facility that is interested in regular deep cleaning like the low-moisture encapsulation might also occasionally need something even more thorough like hot-water extraction. Low-moistures cleaning is a good regular cleaning to utilize while the deeper hot-water extraction likely only needs to be completed yearly, with regular cleaning in place. A regular cleaning via vacuuming schedule should be based on foot traffic but is often necessary at least a few times a week.

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Oracle Cleaning Solutions provides carpet cleaning services to ensure that a facility is a safe, healthy environment, providing a clean atmosphere for nursing home facility residents, guests and nursing home management. Contact us today to ensure facility carpets reflect the level of care given within its walls.